Good Morning

Hello Lovely people,

I set up a wordpress blog yesterday and you’re probably wondering where’s the news?

Sit tight – I have a meeting with the oncologists tomorrow and that will shed more light as to my treatment and the weeks ahead.

I had to painstakingly sift through my contacts list and then cut and paste each and every one of you –  maybe I missed something but it took a while.

Suffice to say, if you come across anybody who knows me and you mention my blog they may look at you with a blank expression.

I am sure that there are a few that have slipped the net  for whatever reason or I don’t have an email address for.

If you could kindly forward them the blog, and then they could drop me a line or I am sure there are ways to find me on wordpress if you pop in ‘absoluterecoveryblog’.

Meanwhile, have a fabulous day.




10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Silke Ziehl says:

    Dear Ade,

    What enterprise – to cut and paste so many addresses – and what determination ! You got my respect and my best wishes

    With love Silke

  2. Rob & Karen says:

    Everything crossed that I can cross (which is why I contacted you in the first place, too many things crossed), absolute best of luck.

  3. mahab says:

    i just love the name and the effort behind this ade your really one of a kind:)
    thanks for thinking of us, will be following you with love
    mahab xxx

  4. Anne says:

    What a good idea – it seems to work very well and I look forward to your updates. Your positive approach will do wonders for you I’m sure! Much love, Anne

  5. Florence Gaist says:

    Dear Ade. Thanks for adding me. I am with you. Coming to London first weekend of June, hope to get the chance to hug you! Til then, get a big hug right now, soul to soul.

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