The Absolute Recovery blog begins…

Ok. I have recently been diagnosed with Cancer which you already know.

Not the sort of news I was expecting anytime soon so it came as a bit of a bolt out the blue.

It’s early days and I figured it would make sense to start a blog to keep you posted on my road to what I’ve called ‘Absolute Recovery’.

My initials are AR and so I got all creative and thought yep, A – Absolute and R – Recovery. I think you get the picture.

It’s unknown territory for me and no doubt a roller coaster of a ride along the way – who knows?

I’d very much like you to accompany me along the way, if that’s ok?

I don’t intend to start a new journalistic career so my words will be short and sweet, on a weekly basis –  it will be a ‘news’ update – simples.

For me, it means that you – my friends, family, colleagues and clients alike can all keep up to date with whats going on.

By all means, still call, text and email if you prefer or even better meet up along the way.

Life has always been week by week for me but even more so now.

I just want to crack on, as normal and indeed that’s the plan.

Watch this space!


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